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  • dav_vivi

    Most Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    No one is more nurturing than Mom. This year, give that love back while also giving some big love...

  • FJ V2 1200x600

    Everyday Tips For Using An Insulated Food Jar Or Thermos

    There is nothing like a hot lunch during winter, and a thermos or insulated food jar makes it easy...

  • Silicone food container with divider 1200x600

    Why choose Food Grade Silicone vs Plastic?

    About one trillion single-use plastic bags are used annually across the globe with only 9% of those being recycled. The rest? They end up in landfills...

  • Bento Box 1200x600

    Minimal Natural Fiber Bento Box

    Millions of tons of carbon emissions are emitted annually from the rice-fields around the world mainly due to the...

  • Precision Coffee Grinder – The Only Grinder You Need.

  • minimal-in-kitchen

    How to choose the Perfect Water Bottle

    Water bottles are everyday items that have become an absolute necessity in our lives. Whether we are at office,...

  • Flask in snow

    Why should you carry a Water Bottle with you even in Cold Weather?

    With fall on its way and winter not too far away, it’s important that you realize that you cannot...

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