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Earth Day Coffee Tips: Sustainable Coffee Filters, Grinders & Coffee Makers


Earth Day Coffee Tips: Sustainable Coffee Filters, Grinders & Coffee Makers

Happy Earth Day! April 22nd marks the annual Earth Day celebration. For brands like Minimal, it’s one of the most important days of the year. 

It’s a time to reflect on our commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable design. Are we doing enough to combat climate change? Do our products (and the way we source them) protect our water, trees and land as best as possible?

Earth Day is a chance to look at what we use every day and help users experience them in a sustainable, healthy way. For many of us, our day just wouldn’t be the same without a cup of coffee.

So, how do we make that reliable, energizing cup of coffee as eco-friendly as possible?

Maybe you drink from a reusable mug or reusable cup. That’s a great start! Maybe you support a coffee farm that treats its farmers and Mother Earth with respect. We love that, too.

There’s even more ways to celebrate Earth Day with every “cup of joe”. You can make your coffee maker, grinder, and even your coffee filter consumption more sustainable!

If you’re a coffee lover, then make reading this article one of your Earth Day activities. Together, we’ll learn four great tips to make each coffee bean better for our planet.

Earth Day Coffee Tip #1: Ditch that paper coffee filter.

Minimal stainless steel coffee filter

Switch to a stainless steel coffee filter and save countless trees.

There’s a fun Earth Day craft that involves using paper coffee filters to make flowers and other items. But wouldn’t it be better for the planet to get rid of paper filters entirely?

White paper coffee filters are bleached with harmful chlorine and oxygen. These chemical processes create massive runoff issues in our water and produce waste materials. It’s a terrible method which allows toxic materials to leach into our water and soil.

Unbleached coffee filters still destroy countless unnecessary trees every year. 68% of Americans drink coffee at home every day. If each of them only uses one paper filter a day, we’re consuming over 82 billion paper filters in the United States alone. 

So how can you use a coffee filter Earth doesn’t suffer from?

Find a coffee maker with a metal mesh filter — or invest in a metal filter itself. It’s a one-time expense with a lifetime positive impact on the environment. Coffee lovers find that metal filters create a more robust, aromatic brew. (If you’re in a pinch, you can use a fine sifter once or twice.)

Metal mesh filters are dishwasher-safe, heat resistant, and keeps coffee grounds out of your reusable mug. You’ll never waste a paper coffee filter again!

If you like the idea of a metal coffee filter, then you’ll love what it can do in a sustainable pour over system.

Earth Day Coffee Tip #2: Love pour overs? Switch to stainless steel.

minimal stainless steel pour over coffee

The Minimal stainless steel pour over coffee maker.

Many coffee lovers prefer using a pour over system. The direct contact between hot water and ground coffee creates a robust, aromatic brew. 

If there are 2 complaints about using pour overs, they both have to do with paper filters. Users are annoyed by the occasional tearing of paper filters when hot water is added. The removal and disposal of paper filters can also leave a real mess on your counter space.

An innovative, sustainable product like the Minimal precision stainless steel pour over coffee maker eliminates all these issues. You won’t waste one more paper filter — the pour over system features a reusable stainless steel filter that is dishwasher safe and reduces the chance of countertop messes.

Stainless steel doesn’t just help save the planet. It naturally brews a better cup of coffee. The food grade stainless steel in Minimal’s pour over system keeps your water hot as it permeates your ground coffee, ensuring the boldest brew possible. The days of worrying about plastic leaching into your cup or untempered glass cracking or warping are over.

If you prefer using a French press to a pour over system, you can do so in a more eco-friendly way as well.

Earth Day Tip #3: Eliminate plastic from your French press.

Minimal stainless steel french press

Switch to a stainless steel French press for Earth Day.

A cup of coffee is 98% water. It’s vital to your health that you keep that water as clean as possible. 

Pouring hot water into a plastic French press causes microplastics to leach into your cup. The last ingredient you want in your house blend is plastic!

A stainless steel French press is a much safer option. The Minimal French press is made with triple-layered food grade stainless steel to keep your coffee hot and plastic-free. The cool-touch handle ensures comfortable pouring, and every part of the product is dishwasher safe. 

When you get rid of plastic, you don’t just save yourself — you help save the planet. Over 91% of plastic isn’t recycled. Some of the plastic you do attempt to recycle ends up in landfills because it’s dirty or non-recyclable. 

Your best bet for health and environmental sustainability is to replace plastic with stainless steel and other materials. Make it one of your Earth Day activities this year — but make sure to get rid of that plastic responsibly!

Earth Day Tip #4: Find new ways to reuse & recycle coffee grounds! 

minimal coffee tumbler

Find sustainable ways to reuse your coffee grounds.

You probably know that coffee grounds can be used to fertilize your garden and scour pots and pans. But did you know those old grounds can exfoliate your skin, capture greenhouse gases, and even replace firewood?

The World Economic Forum published an amazing article about innovative uses for your coffee grounds. For example, the natural oils from your used grounds can create biofuels that can power an entire house. Who knew coffee could be one of the essential elements of our search for alternative energy?

Here are a few more tips and ideas about recycling and reusing your ground coffee: 

  • Your coffee grounds must compost for 98 days before they’re safe to put on plants. Allow time for the natural tannins, caffeine and chlorogenic acid to dissipate — they’re toxic to plants.
  • After 98 days of composting, save some grounds for the edges of your garden. They will naturally repel unwanted insects like aphids and slugs.
  • Do you make candles? You can substitute coffee grounds for essential oils to create a coffee-scented homemade candle.
  • If you want a new Earth Day craft, use coffee grounds to naturally stain your parchment or construction paper. You’ll create an antique, weathered look that makes your paper look like it’s an historic document.
  • Save the previous day’s grounds for the shower. You can use them safely as a natural exfoliant for your skin.

If you’re particular about your grounds, use a product like the Minimal precision manual coffee grinder. You’ll achieve maximum flexibility with two adjustable stainless steel conical burrs. The internal steel bearings are oil-free for your health and well-being. Whether you need a coarse grind for cold brew or a fine setting for espresso or Turkish coffee, this precision grinder has you covered.

Celebrate Earth Day With a Sustainable Cup of Coffee

We hope you and the ones you love enjoy a peaceful, healthy and sustainable Earth Day. The great thing about making your daily coffee more sustainable is you can do it anywhere. Whether you live “off the grid” or a bustling city like New York or Los Angeles, you can change your coffee routine to reduce your carbon footprint.

Make the switch to stainless steel, eliminate paper coffee filters, and find creative ways to reuse your old coffee grounds. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your java in harmony with Mother Earth!

Minimal is proud of its commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable design. Our conscious design process combines eco-friendly sourcing with sustainable materials. We design innovative products that you can proudly use for a lifetime. Celebrate Earth Day with us and take a look at our environmentally responsible coffee products!

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