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Minimal Natural Fiber Bento Box

Bento Box 1200x600

Millions of tons of carbon emissions are emitted annually from the rice-fields around the world mainly due to the open-burning activities by the paddy farmers during the post-harvesting season. Minimal natural fiber bento boxes are made of discarded rice husk. It’s environmentally friendly due to lower carbon footprints and it’s also compostable naturally, making it from the earth and ultimately giving back to the earth. It separates us from those non-renewable resources. It’s chip and crack resistant, and it’s designed to last for years in both café and home environments. By using less amounts of plastic material, it makes them most sustainable food containers. Minimal natural fiber bento box has won the Eco Choice Award – Most Innovative from NY Now 2018!

Our natural fiber bento boxes and cutlery sets are made of discarded rice husks, but what exactly is it? We get this question a lot! Rice husk is the outer shell of a grain of rice, it’s removed in order to process the grain for food, this creates a large quantity of unwanted, unused rice husk. The husk becomes a natural waste, but despite being natural, it can be potentially harmful to the planet if not repurposed or properly disposed of. This is why we’ve used it to create a variety of our products. Reusing natural waste is what we’re all about, why create something new when there’s an abundance of natural, eco-friendly waste to be used!

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