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Our Precision Coffee Grinder is The Only Grinder You Need.

Our Precision Coffee Grinder is The Only Grinder You Need.

Minimal precision coffee grinder

If you’re is a coffee lover, this precision manual grinder is the perfect addition to your daily coffee routine. You’ll be able to create your own small batch of coffee every day, at home or on the go. 

This highly sustainable coffee grinder contains zero plastic — it’s crafted from casting aluminum and stainless steel. It features two stainless steel conical burrs that provide world-class precision and function.

Even the pickiest coffee aficionado will love the flexibility of this grinder. It can handle all desired grinds, from ultra-fine Turkish coffee to coarse French press settings. It’s the perfect blend of sustainable design and robust flavor. 

Coffee Grinder with Travel-Friendly Collapsible Design

Do you make your coffee on the go? This grinder is collapsible and easy to transport! It has a collapsible design and removable handle that allows it to easily fit in any size travel bag. 

Pair this grinder with ethically sourced organic coffee beans for a great gift set. Choose a company with transparent fair trade, ethical sourcing and human rights standards. If you want to support small farmers, you can find some great options in emerging coffee markets like Haiti and Rwanda.

Learn more about Minimal’s sustainable precision coffee grinder here.

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