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Minimal Water Bottle and Flask are one of the most safest water containers in the market. All of its components are BPA free and food graded parts. Unlike other products on the market, Minimal uses only the highest grade materials that are resistant to heat and impact deformation. Keep your health hydrated and protected with Minimal Water Bottle and Flask.

Minimal Water Bottle and Flask are designed and manufactured with our planet in mind. With a surge of non-recyclable plastic water bottle usages in our daily lives, Minimal Water Bottle and Flask are environmentally sustainable alternatives. With Minimal products, it has never been easy to participate in taking steps toward making our planet more sustainable.

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Guaranteed Performance

Minimal goes beyond to make sure the products offer the best performance in the market. High quality materials, double wall vacuum, copper plated inner wall and leak proof high efficient screw cap are only few of the examples Minimal products use to ensure and maintain the temperature of the inner contents up to 24 hours.

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User Friendly Design

All Minimal products are designed and manufactured with users in mind. Minimal Water Flask comes with easy grab handle which makes the flask highly versatile for activities such as camping, hiking, yoga, sports and outdoor adventures. Wide mouth design is great for easy filling, drinking and cleaning. Unlike other products, the surface of Minimal Water Bottle and Flask will not sweat or create condensation under normal use. Use around the home, job site and keep hydrated all day long. Minimal Water Bottle and Flask are for everyone.

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