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    How to choose the Perfect Water Bottle

    Water bottles are everyday items that have become an absolute necessity in our lives. Whether we are at office, the gym, headed to the beach, or just going for a jog, it’s important to carry a water bottle with us to help keep ourselves hydrated. But over the years, water bottles have become more of an activity-based item than for mere purpose. Picking the right water bottle is key, so here are some tips on how you can choose the perfect water bottle for yourself.

    Narrow down your options

    There are so many different kinds of water bottles available in the market, so it can be difficult to choose a single type. So, before you decide, you need to determine the bottle’s purpose. A water bottle that you use while exercising is very different from the one you’ll need to carry hot beverages in.

    Pick the right size and shape

    Once you have determined the purpose, the next thing you need to focus on is size or capacity. It has to coincide with your activities. Normally, you find bottles that can hold between 500 ml to a liter of water. Choose the one that suits you and your activity best. Next, you need to consider the shape of the bottle. The shape depends on what you’ll be using the bottle for. Water bottles for running should be slender and easy to carry while ones for hiking should be larger and capable of carrying more volume.

    Choose the right nozzle

    The nozzles on water bottles should make it convenient for when you need to drink some water. When you’re exercising, you need a nozzle that will let you continue working out without having to struggle to remove the lid. A wide-mouth bottle can cause spilling, so one with a narrow nozzle is ideal.

    What material should you choose?

    Water bottles are normally made of plastic, stainless steel, or glass. Plastic water bottles are more durable and convenient, but some bottles may contain a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA), a compound that is believed to cause diabetes and cancer. Stainless steel water bottles provide excellent insulation than glass or plastic bottles, so you can store hot or cold beverages comfortably.

    Minimal water bottles have excellent advantages since they are made from stainless steel and are reusable. Minimal also makes compact, lightweight jars and flasks that are easy to carry and very portable. All Minimal products are free of BPA and phthalates and are made from food grade materials, making them the safest water bottles available.

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    Why you should carry a Water Bottle with you even in Cold Weather.

    With fall on its way and winter not too far away, it’s important that you realize that you cannot neglect your health and fitness even during these cold months. Summer and spring are ideal months for fitness freaks who love exercising and working out. But do they stop during the colder months of the year? No, they keep going. And they do what it takes to make sure they remain healthy during these cold months as well.

    Apart from following a healthy diet and continuing with their fitness regime, people should also remember to keep drinking water to remain fit. Most people falsely believe that since the temperature outside is colder and there is more humidity in the air, they don’t have to drink as much water as during the other seasons. Well, the only kernel of truth behind this idea is that since the temperature is much higher during spring and summer, you tend to sweat more, which can lead to your body becoming dehydrated. This is why you drink more water during warmer months.

    But just because you don’t sweat during colder weather doesn’t mean that you won’t become dehydrated. The human body loses a lot of moisture from its system while speaking, breathing, and through excretion. Plus, during winters, your body is in full function to keep itself warm. This is why it’s important to keep yourself hydrated even during colder months so you replenish your body’s minerals. Here’s why you should make sure you carry a water bottle with you even during colder months.

    1. When you’re outside and you need a quick sip of water, the handy water bottle in your bag will save you. It helps you avoid having to travel some distance looking for water to drink.
    2. As mentioned earlier, even though the temperature is colder, it is important that you keep yourself constantly hydrated. You can suffer from dehydration even during winter.
    3. When you carry your own water, you know that you’re drinking safe and hygienic water. This prevents you from exposing yourself to contaminated water that could make you sick.
    4. With your own water bottle, you don’t have to rely on outside sources for a drink. This also decreases your risk of drinking contaminated water.
    5. With an insulated water bottle, you can also carry hot water that will remain hot through the day.


    Browse through MinimalBottle’s website and find yourself a water bottle that suits you and your lifestyle.

    Download the pdf HERE.

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