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Minimal Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

Minimal Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

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Minimal Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

Designed for the most discerning coffee enthusiasts, Miminal’s Precision Coffee Grinder provides maximum control and flexibility with two adjustable stainless steel burrs. Whether your goal is the perfect espresso, pour over, French press, or cold brew, take matters into your own hands and refine your grind to your unique needs.

  • –Maximum flexibility from super-fine to extra-coarse grinds
  • –Removable handle and collapsible body for travel and storage
  • –Patent pending stepless grind system
  • –Precision engineered 40mm stainless steel conical burrs
  • –Replaceable oil-free steel bearings

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185mm / 155mm(Collapsed)




Up to 40g bean


Stainless steel Conical Burr

Burr Material


Burr Diameter


Burr Hardness


Body Material

Casting Aluminum / Stainless Stelel


Aluminum / Black, Stainless Steel / Brushing, Stainless Steel / Polishing

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What Sets Minimal Precision Coffee Grinder apart from the others?

Precise Adjustment System

The infinitely step-less design could achieve theoretically the finest adjustment. The inner burr will move 0.05mm when the top cover is holding down and turning the shaft for every 18 degree. Any of your setting will be repeatable precisely.

Ergonomic Workflow

After filling the upper chamber with your favour beans, keeping hands on the top chamber body and holding the handle knob at grinding ready position, then with just one thumb and one finger from hand on grinder body, you could fine turn your setting for any brew mode with this most ergonomic work flow.

Long Lasting 40mm Diameter Stainless Steel Burr

The hardened sharp edges (> HRC 58) on  stainless steel burr set ensure the smoothest grinding motion at afford-less level. The precision burr teeth will produce even grind from every bean down the chamber.

58mm Espresso Basket Ready

For all our espresso lovers, the lower body chamber opening will fit perfectly on top of any 58mm baskets, transferring every single bit of grind directly to your basket with no mess and no waste.

Compact and Lightweight for Portability

The collapsible body mechanism results the most compact precision coffee grinder in size among any 40 gram bean capacity grinders. The thoughtful design make it perfect companion for your own brew on traveling, campaigning or any other our-door activities.

All Metal Construction, Zero Plastic

Built with Stainless steel and Aluminum parts from precision CNC only – No Plastic Part.  The Minimal grinder will be your last one to buy for life long serving.


Minimal Precision Coffee Grinder is the ONE Tool For All type of grinder, built for all your brew need. Weather you are espresso lover,  French press person or cold brew enthusiasm, the grinder will produce the right size grind all the time, any time. The easy repeatable precision adjustment system ensures the perfect grind once you find your sweet spot. Of course, not all the beans are the same, either the roasting level from different source, this grinder will give you all the capability to fine turn your customised grind for the brew.

General grind size guide for your brew:

  • Extra Coarse:  Cold brew coffee, Cowboy coffee
  • Coarse:   French press, percolator, coffee cupping
  • Medium coarse:  Chemex, clever dripper
  • Medium:  Cone pour over brewers, drip machines, siphon coffee, Aeropress
  • Medium fine:   Cone pour over brewer, Aeropress
  • Fine:  Espresso, Moka pot, Aeropress


Best coffee from the fresh grind

Minimal Precision Coffee gears are easy to use for everyday, from your fresh bean to a cup of joe is simple. Works perfectly with any French Press including ours.


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