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Introducing our Sister Brand: TheDecentLiving.com

Introducing our new wooden product lines at


Dear friends:

As you know, Minimal brand focuses mainly on sustainable kitchen wares, such as wide ranges of food containershydration products, as well as coffee and tea-wares. That’s what brings all of you here today, we thank all of you for the greatest supports!

Today, we are introducing a full line of excellent award-winning wooden product designs under the our sister brand: TheDecentLiving.com. 







At TheDecentLiving, we connect beautiful contemporary and minimalist products with our customers for their home and office space needs. TheDecentLiving products are made from high quality sustainable materials to keep up with today’s modern lifestyles. Our products fit and function well within any environments.

TheDecentLiving.com’s Mission

We believe less is more and let the clean and simple products speak for themselves.

We believe good products should connect to each other and serve their purposes seamlessly.

We believe sustainability is the fundamental requirement for any good quality products and all should be built to last.

Our products

We design from our local Toronto studio, as well as bring in well recognized awarded products from world-wide designers.

We work with a selected group of manufacturers who share our vision and build with high quality materials produced in Canada and US.





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